Data access overview

This page describes how you request access to datasets deposited in FEGA Sweden. For any questions regarding data access, please write to the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk.

Each dataset stored in FEGA Sweden is affiliated with a Data Access Committee (DAC), which is the body responsible for all data access decisions.

  1. Identify dataset(s)

Identify the dataset(s) you want to request access for.

  1. Request access

Identify the Data Access Committee (DAC) affiliated with the dataset(s) you wish to request access for. Then, contact the DAC to start your data access application. A Data Access Agreement (DAA) documenting the terms of access and usage of the dataset needs to be negotiated between you and the DAC and should be signed by both parts.

  1. Receive download instructions

Once the DAC has accepted your data access request and an authorisation has been granted, you will recieve instructions from the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk on how to access the data.

  1. Download and decrypt files

Follow the instructions on how to download and decrypt files. Please note that you need to confirm successful download and decryption to the Helpdesk.