DAC metadata

The Data Access Committee (DAC) decides whether access will be granted to a requested dataset or not. The DAC consist of one or more named individuals who act on behalf of the data controller. A DAC may be affiliated with one or multiple datasets. Contact the DAC members and ask them to confirm their appointment before you start your submission to avoid unnecessary delays later on.

You can read more about DACs on the EGA website.

Metadata fields

During the submission process, you will be asked to provide the contact details for each selected DAC member. The table below shows the fields that must be filled in for each committee member.

Field name Description
Name Name of the contact
Email Valid email for the contact
Organisation Name of organisation the contact is affiliated with
Telephone Telephone number including the international code
Main contact Indication of whether the person is the main contact or not (yes/no)

DAC metadata templates

Templates for the DAC metadata are available in the following formats:

File format Download Description
Text CSV dac-metadata.csv Plain text template without validation
ODF Spreadsheet dac-metadata.ods LibreOffice spreadsheet with validation
Office Open XML Spreadsheet dac-metadata.xlsx Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with validation