Data availability statement

Many scientific journals request authors to include a data availability statement (also called data accessibility statement) in submitted articles. We advise you to check if your target journal has any specific recommendations regarding the format.

If you need inspiration, this is what the statement could look like:

The data generated in this study have been deposited in FEGA Sweden and made findable through the European Genome-phenome Archive web portal (, study number: {insert EGA Study ID}). Access to the data will be granted for appropriate use in research and will be governed by the provisions laid out in the terms contained in the Data Access Agreement.

If FEGA Sweden is not able to process your submission in time, we advise you to create a metadata record describing your data. The last sentence in the example text below includes a reference to such a metadata record. You can read more about metadata records in the SciLifeLab Research Data Management Guidelines.

The data presented in this paper contain sensitive information that cannot be shared openly. Work on depositing the data in FEGA Sweden has been initiated. FEGA Sweden is a national node of the Federated European Genome-phenome Archive (FEGA), which allows data to be shared under controlled access. The datasets in FEGA Sweden are findable through the European Genome-phenome Archive web portal ( Information about the datasets included in this study is available at SciLifeLab Data Repository, DOI {insert DOI}.