Is FEGA Sweden the right archive?

Before you start working on a submission, you should ask yourself whether FEGA Sweden is the right place for storing and sharing your data. This guide will help you assess the suitability of FEGA Sweden to your data. If you need help with the assessment, please write to the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk.

Is my data of the right type?

FEGA Sweden aims to store the same kind of data as the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA), which basically means any data resulting from biomedical research projects. You can read more about supported data types in the EGA Submission FAQ.

Does my data require controlled access?

Sensitive personal data can normally not be shared publicly due to legal and ethical constraints. FEGA Sweden makes it possible to share sensitive personal data under controlled access. This means that access to any submitted file will be determined by a formal application procedure. If your data does not require controlled access, you should consider submitting it to an alternative repository, such as the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA).

Is my data from a Swedish research project?

FEGA Sweden is a national node of the Federated EGA that primarily hosts data from Swedish research projects. You are welcome to contact us if you want to discuss strategies for sharing your data.

Am I allowed to share the data via FEGA Sweden?

If you plan to make personally identifiable data accessible to others, there are some special regulations that you have to be aware of. If the research is carried out in Sweden, you must for example have an ethical approval. You must also make sure that the data processing comply with GDPR.