Preparing data

FEGA Sweden aims to support submissions of the same data types as the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA). These include for example:


We are currently building capacity to meet the needs of the Swedish life science community. Our initial focus will be to support submission of sequence data and variants.

You can visit the EGA website to learn more about how to prepare files for the different data types. If you have any questions regarding file formats, please write to the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk.

One or multiple datasets?

Access to data in FEGA Sweden is given at the dataset level, which means that all files in a dataset must share the same release conditions. To maximise data reuse, delimit your datasets so that as many researchers as possible will find them usable. Try to think of what restrictions potential users of your data might have. For example, a cancer researcher may be restricted by her ethical permit to only do research on certain cancer types. If a dataset she is interested in also contains data about other cancer diagnoses, she will not have the right to access it.