Quick guide

This is an overview of the submission process. Please read through the steps outlined below before you fill in the submission request form. If you have questions or comments, please write to the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk.


We are currently building capacity to meet the needs of the Swedish life science community. Our initial focus will be to support submission of sequence data and variants.

  1. Create a submission request

If you consider FEGA Sweden to be the right place for your data, please fill in the submission request webform. The FEGA Sweden Helpdesk will evaluate your request and get back to you regarding how to proceed.

  1. Receive credentials for a submission account at EGA

Once your submission request has been accepted, FEGA Sweden Helpdesk will request a submission account for you at EGA. Using the received credentials, you should be able to log in to the EGA Submitter Portal.

  1. Register Study, Sample, DAC and Policy

Use the EGA Submitter Portal to register your Study, Samples, Data Access Committee (DAC) and Policy (including a Data Access Agreement).

  1. Upload data

For details, see our upload instructions.

  1. Register Experiments and Runs

Associate each data file with a registered sample and study by linking files to samples in the EGA Submitter Portal. Details of the experimental procedure you followed must be provided.

  1. Finish your submission

Group your runs/analysis into datasets and link them to your new or existing Data Access Committee (DAC) and Data Access Agreement (DAA) using the EGA Submitter Portal. Data requests are done at a dataset level, thus files within a dataset must share release conditions.

  1. Release the data

Instruct the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk to release your study. All registered studies are automatically placed on hold (‘embargoed’) until the named submission or Data Access Committee (DAC) contact instructs the FEGA Sweden Helpdesk for the study to be released.